Your software projects — done right

  • Are you still micro-managing your highly-paid consultants?
  • Do they spend more time in meetings than solving your problems?
  • Can they produce results and give you high ROI?

Rapid turnaround - No middle management - High ROI

Codespark delivers:

  • Independent, self-managing professionals with decades of practical experience
  • Targeted, innovative and performant solutions
  • Proven execution vetted by the world's most successful hedge funds

Our expertise:

Software Development

  • Fast time to market
  • Augment your current team
  • Clear & constant feedback
  • Advanced proficiency in C#/Java/Python
  • Full Stack Development with expertise in Messaging, Scalability, Reactive (Rx), Excel Integration, Databases, UI/UX
  • Skilled in low-latency/high-throughput systems
  • Flexible pricing (project based or daily rate)
  • Premium developers without agency overhead

Tactical Support

  • Expert, focused troubleshooting
  • Solutions in days
  • Wide range of system experience
  • Any technology & any environment


  • Integrating new data feeds
  • Streaming legacy data into Excel
  • Eliminating performance bottlenecks
  • Hardening fragile processes
  • Interactive dashboards

Greenfield Systems

  • Proven track record delivering Mission Critical systems
  • Fluency in current technologies
  • Ideation to implementation
  • Leveraging commodity components
  • Transparent & continuous milestones

Previous solutions:

  • Centralized valuation engine
  • Trade signal generation
  • Interactive risk display
  • Automated stat-arb trading system